Friday, November 26, 2010

since its black friday. some nice barcelona chairs in the pfizer. desirable.

division of labor

presentation is a component of project that tends to get overlooked. presentation can be a very powerful communication tool as it controls how a product can be conveyed. A good idea can be ruined by a poor presentation, whereas a poor idea can be lead with guidance from a good presentation. The only reason I know this is true is from juries in architectural education though their reactions to poor presentations can be extreme and somewhat along a Max Shtein reaction. Not that we shouldn't have those standards.

We've been keeping a Google Doc of the final report, but as of late it hasn't been updated. My original intent for the final report document was so that as a group, we wouldn't need to recover six weeks of decision making and rewrite out all of our thoughts. We do have bullet points more or less.

Google presentations have been useful, I originally created it not wanting to keep gigabytes of PDFs for presentations on my external. But ultimately, by keeping the presentations public, any other missing information can be added onto the presentation. At times, we end up finishing our prototypes before midnight, and forming a presentation is doable. But for the other cases where nights have gone late, especially for components like Arduino or other areas that I have no background in, its simply easier to come back the next day to see if anything should be reordered in the presentation.

On a side note, Google Presentation connects with YouTube so now my account is filed with SmartSurfaces: armeriazero.  I've only uploaded videos which were put into the presentation but hopefully the rest will get on soon.

......happy thanksgiving. belated.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

week 1 brainstorming

brainstorning notes from this past monday
  • FORM: tube worm, venus flytrap,  function: shy or friendly!, react to other tubes and/or people, potentiometer and actuator
    • degrees of freedom:
      • fabric = infinite degrees of freedom
      • maybe need only one or two motors -- corkscrew form to push up fabric, or fabric takes on form
    • construction material: fabric for plume (,,
      aluminium tubes/TP Roll
      spring book binding tube
  • ARRAY: clusters vs single units, the combination of both
  • GOALS next week: creating more degrees of freedom, fiber optic photoresistor,
  • RULES FOR INTERACTION: The individual tubes can respond to:
    • light
    • sound (or music, talking)
    • proximity (of people to object)
    • movement (of people or other tubes)
    • magnetism
    • touch
    • temperature
    • moisture
    • Responses can change with time:
      • e.g. the tubes can be very shy at first, then slowly acclimate to their environment throughout the course of the day.  The rules can change on a random, predefined cycle, or a cycle based on the environment.

Monday, October 18, 2010


these are interesting considering movements from car to bike traffic circulation. i just saw some bike station in chicago a few weeks ago, but i don't remember seeing any last year. they have a similar system in france where you can bike to work and drop off your bike at various rental stations. a healthier and cheaper transport mode. maybe for our last project, we should make a mode of transport which makes the user look like an animal, biomimicry residing in human movement. that would cause quite a spectacle.

or maybe help a more practical end...

post - precedents & laughs
I was trying to make a prototype like this for the very first project, but this one's craft is much better. It shows the positive/negative waves coming out of a surface. A multifaceted single surface

"paperCAD" aka pepakura

Above: ‘Domage a Corbu, grand confort, sans confort’ 
by Stefan Zwicky at Demisch Danant gallery.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

presentation 10/14

love doing presentation.

for the final project, we need to define mission/goals, SWOT analysis. here is my two cents:

to create a positive inter/trans-disciplinary community
we want to create a common ground, common language
expect respect. our disciplines have different values
goals and expectations
finish your work. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based

Strength - generating ideas, innovative
Weakness - inefficiency, lack of direction
Opportunities - specialization,
Threats - time scheduling, priorities

Team Structure

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


we have a problem here. my group is composed of very idealistic people and we can't decide on anything! i think it'd be fun to do some personality test and find out that either we're all incoherent with each other, or that we are all of the same independent personality category.

i'm INTJ just to put it out there... i know, independent.